Stuart Best Personal Trainer & Osteopath

Stuart Best Personal Trainer and Osteopath


My name is Stuart Best, and welcome to the hub for the websites I manage as a Personal Trainer, Osteopath and someone with a keen interest in nutrition and health.

I work in St Albans, Hertfordshire, training clients at CrossFit Verulamium and Body Limits Gym. And I deliver osteopathy and massage treatments in patients’ homes in St Albans and the surrounding area. 

Please use this page as a portal to learn about my professional services, which include personal training, osteopathy, massage, and accountability coaching.

I can be contacted directly via WhatsApp at 01727 576086 or via the contact pages on the websites below.

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Are you contemplating hiring a personal trainer to help you exercise safely and effectively?

Do you have an injury or struggle with pain that prevents you from exercising?

Are you struggling to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals?


As an experienced personal trainer and osteopath, I help clients to achieve their varied goals. Whether you need help to learn how to train safely and effectively, want to lose weight, prepare for an event, or improve your sports performance, I can help you.

Please visit my personal training website for more details on how I can help you.

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Are you contemplating making changes to your diet to help achieve better health?

Are you struggling to lose weight and confused by the varied nutritional advice?

Have you tried to improve your health and lose weight but failed when following the standard eat-well plate guidelines?


Well, you are not alone. Many people have followed the standard nutritional advice but have failed to improve their health or waistline. And those that do lose weight commonly regain it, and often additional weight when they rebound.

The winners are the big food and drug companies as we become increasingly medicated. But the body has the magical powers to self-heal from most conditions if you allow it by removing the offending toxins and foods that fuel hormonal and metabolic dysfunction.

Visit the Bias Ninja, where you will find information to allow you to make empowered nutritional choices.

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Are you contemplating seeking professional advice about an ache or pain that won’t go away but keep putting it off?

Do you have knee arthritis, shoulder or lower back pain that affects daily life or your ability to exercise? 


As an osteopath, personal trainer, and a 50-something with a history of back pain, advanced knee arthritis, and shoulder injuries caused by acute trauma, I can relate to what most of my patients experience. 

But the good news is that you can move out of pain, even when previous traumas and degenerative arthritic conditions generate the pain.

The key to success is to bring together all of the benefits that exercise, nutrition and manual therapy can deliver. 

My personal journey, which includes multiple knee traumas and surgeries, has focused on the nutritional aspect of pain management over the last 12 months. This has allowed me to avoid a partial knee replacement I was offered in December 2022 and move from significant pain to skiing my first black run pain-free in February 2023. 

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you with any musculoskeletal conditions you may have, please visit The Mobile Osteo for more information.